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It's Bigger than Braids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth development organization that provides a safe space for girls and young women to dream big, believe in themselves, and have the confidence to live a life of purpose. We accomplish this mission by partnering with experts in various professional fields and facilitating community programs focused on identity, self-care and entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to foster creativity and build confidence while addressing issues such as mental health, healthy relationships, leadership, and identity.

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Hair Braiding Workshops

Elevate your skills and gain the confidence you need to braid your own hair with ease. Our hands-on sessions not only teach you techniques but also create a space for connection and self-expression as you master the art of transforming hair into stunning works of art.

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Personal Hair Care Kit Giveaways

Embrace Your Natural Beauty. We partner with leading natural hair care brands to provide you with nourishing products that celebrate your unique hair journey. Join us at community events throughout the year to receive high-quality hair care essentials, because every strand tells a story, and your story deserves to shine.


Who Am I

Unlock self-discovery, leadership skills, and personal growth. Through our engaging workshops we help girls and young women ages 10-17 embrace their uniqueness, define their purpose, and ignite their inner potential.

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Created to Create

Unleash your creative side. Join us to explore a world of creative expression through various mediums and techniques. From painting to poetry, this hands-on journey celebrates individuality and empowers you to find your own unique voice in the art of self-expression.

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Braid Workshop




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